Scholar-in-Residence Grant Application Process

The Borchard Foundation Center on International Education affords two professors from Southern California a research opportunity in France for a semester (or quarter) during each academic year. Candidates may be from any discipline. The Foundation expects a scholarly publication to derive from the grant.

Scholar-in-Residence Grant Program

Information and Request for Proposals

The Borchard Foundation Center on International Education awards two grants of $30,000 each for research in France for a semester (or quarter) during the academic year plus accommodations in the Château de la Bretesche – with all furnishings provided and utilities paid – as a home base for the research and/or writing up the research findings. The award period runs either from January 1 through December 31 (spring semester award) or August 1 through July 31 (fall semester award) depending on the semester awarded.

What are the Objectives of the Grant?

The Borchard Foundation Center on International Education was founded by the Borchard Foundation in 1987 to provide a unique bridge between France and America – a bridge created through the scholarship and creativity of distinguished individuals involved in cultural, academic, and public affairs.

What kind of project will be funded?

Applicants are sought from the fine arts including painting, sculpture, music, film and drama; scholarly disciplines such as art history, history, philosophy, sociology, political science and public policy; as well as from professional fields including architecture, dentistry, medicine, business, economics, and journalism. Candidates must demonstrate that a Scholarship-in-Residency in France is essential to their proposed project and academic career. The Foundation expects a scholarly publication in an academic press, peer-reviewed journal or book/book chapter to derive from the grant.

Who May Apply?

Candidates from the faculties of colleges and universities in Southern California may apply for a Scholar-in-Residence grant. Candidates may be from any discipline. Grants have been made, for example, in French, English, art, music, theater, philosophy, history, economics, medicine, dentistry, and so on. Out of academic and practical considerations, candidates should be on sabbatical leave.

How much Funding is Available?

The Center makes two grants of $30,000 each annually. Please indicate other available funding if not on sabbatical leave. Grant funds may be used for the approved budget purposes, which may include travel expenses, reasonable compensation for the principal investigator(s), consultant(s) and research assistants, print and computer-based research materials, and other necessary expenses. Grant funds may not be used for university overhead or administrative charges, and the Foundation will not otherwise pay any such costs. Each grant is made to the research scholar’s college or university, which serves as the fiscal agent and accounts for the funds.

How to Apply

Scholar-in-Residence Grant Application Process

Please complete the online application form. We accept only online submissions. Please call 818-730-0353 for details before you apply.

The Scholar-in-Residence Grant Proposal should include:

  • a description of the research project;
  • a discussion of how the research meets the objectives of our grant program;
  • a description of why the residence in France is vital academically;
  • a discussion of the contribution to the field of study or across other fields;
  • a description of both your intended written research product and the publication(s) to which your work product will be submitted for publication;
  • potential dates;
  • curriculum vitae of the applicant;
  • a detailed budget (including matching support); and
  • department/administrative endorsement

The proposal narrative should be limited to five pages. The five-page limit does not include the curriculum vitae or budget description.

Appendices may be added only if necessary to support the proposal narrative.

Letters of endorsement should be submitted separately and sent by email to or mailed, if necessary, to The Borchard Foundation Center on International Education, 556 South Fair Oaks Avenue, #267, Pasadena, CA 91105.

Application and Grant Annual Timeline

  • Online application submission date: September 1 - October 15
  • Application review process: October 15 through December 1
  • Grant awards announced: No later than December 15
  • Grant Period: August 1 through July 31 (Fall semester) or January 1 through December 31 (Spring semester)
  • Grant reports due: No later than July (fall residencies) or December 31 (spring residencies) following the award year.

Who Reviews Applications and Awards Grants?

Applications are reviewed and grants awarded by a committee composed of the Foundation Center’s academic advisory board member and co-directors.

What are the Reporting Requirements?

Upon completion of the residency, but not later than July 31 (Fall residencies) or December 31 (Spring residencies) of the year following the award (unless the committee, for good cause, extends the completion date), grantees must submit three (3) copies of a final written report that includes a description and chronology of the residency and research results, an accounting for grant funds, and copies of any publications/products developed. Upon publication of the research product, three (3) reprints must be given to the Center.